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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ice Cream Cupcakes!!

That's right, cupcakes, baked in ice cream cones.. These are seriously awesome!  I wish I had kids to bake these for, but instead I've been making them for my man (he's a toy collector so he's really more of a man-child), and my friends, and pretty much everyone really.

They're super simple to make, I found the recipe HERE (they're vegan, but don't even have soy milk in them, so this recipe won't require a trip to the supermarket for all you non-vegans out there! Plus I think any cupcake recipe could be used).

I do have to say I didn't use the icing from the recipe, as it required 6 cups of icing sugar... I find 3 cups of icing sugar in my icing too sweet, so 6 cups just screams diabetes to me!  Instead I always use a modified version of the vegan butter-cream icing found in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Actually it's about time I was really honest, my wonderful bf always makes, and pipes the icing.. So I don't really know the exact recipe he uses! But I can tell you an approximate..

Vegan Butter-cream Frosting
3/4 Cup Vegan margarine
1/4 Vegetable shortening (You can sub this for margarine if it's winter, but in summer I recommend using the shortening, as it holds up better in heat).
Approx 2 cups icing sugar added slowly
A few dashes of soy milk (we actually use oat milk these days)
1tsp Vanilla

The icing sugar and milk are pretty much added until the desired consistency is reached.. I hope that is useful to anyone like me who finds a lot of vegan icing recipes a little too sweet!
This is what the cupcakes look like before they are iced.

I hope you have as much fun as I do when you make these! (Yep, I really do find them that exciting and amazing. I love novelty stuff!)