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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Where do you have lunch on work days?

Whenever I start at a new workplace, the first thing I do is scope out places in the neighbourhood where I can sit and eat my lunch (which generally consists of dinner leftovers). Usually this involves a small park/patch of greenery, or a little sunny spot... At my current workplace (the one I work at most), I am super lucky, as there is a heritage home and garden right next door, so I get to eat my lunch in their beautiful gardens every day!

The photo below was take two days later.. Can you spot the difference? Apart from the different angle and the weather of course!

Go here to learn more about Highwic House and Garden.

So I am wondering, do you have a special place you go to eat your lunch on workdays when the weather is nice?



Dashfield Vintage said...

Cute I love it up there! Hard to imagine that once upon a time that was somebodies home and they got to hang out in that garden everyday!

The Retro Natural said...

What a pretty, calming area to eat lunch at! I usually sit in the office if the weather is iffy.. but sometimes I go out to the duck pond and eat, I'll have to do a post on that, it's really pretty and there's so much beauty around the walkways! :D

The Retro Natural said...

I couldn't spot the difference either..I thought maybe the wires but I'm stumped, lol

ina said...

We do that in the summer, too, but nothing nearly as cozy looking as that... I quite often bring some lunch with me to work (dinner leftovers) to save some money. Right now the problem is though, that the only time we can catch even a glimpse of "daylight" is in the middle of the day, so it would be smart to go somewhere out for lunch. Parks are of course excluded this time of the year, so it has to be restaurants - which costs loads of money...