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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Breakfast outdoors

Ok well it was more like breakfast on the front doorstep, but outdoors sounds much nicer!  Malayka (my sister) came over for breakfast, and we figured we'd better take advantage of the amazing sunny days we've been having this past week.

Sadly the concrete in front is actually my driveway, and directly opposite is the carport, but lucky for us only one of my neighbours left the house in her car while we were breakfasting (I live in a unit, it was a little bit awkward).

Either way it was nice!  And to all of you who have yards or private balconies, I am rather jealous!



Helga! said...

Flamingoes!Pretty cucshions!Breakfast outdoors!It's all good!
Doesn't matter what space you have,as long as you use it!
Thanks for admiring my cane bag,she's falling apart a bit,but I love her!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Yay that was such a nice morning! It seriously makes me want summer to hurry up and come!

ina said...

After many years without a balcony I was so happy that I now finally have one! But I would probably had been happy with something like that, too :)

The Retro Natural said...

Oh I love those flamingos! I wanted to get some and my sweetheart said they didn't go with the cactus and other odd plants we have outside. We don't have much of a yard but we have a tiny lot in front of the house. no backyard..I'm jealous of those folks :D You may not have much but it certainly looks pretty!

Lucy-Mae said...

Thanks, I love my kitsch flamingos!