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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Wintergarden

 Well, I kind of dropped off the face of the blogging world for a month, but now I'm back and feeling a little re-energised, so we will see how things go with this whole posting on a regular basis thing!

Yesterday I visited the Wintergarden in Auckland Domain. Auckland Domain is the oldest park in the city, with the Auckland War Museum situated within the park. The Wintergarden is made up of two huge glasshouses, which were built in 1913, and opened to the public in the early 1920's!

Isn't the lilly pad above strange? I wanted to touch it but it was out of reach!

I took so many photo's it's hard to not post them all! So here a just a few more featuring the band rotunda, and the dress I was wearing under my winter coat.

        Coat: Vintage
Dress: 1970's bought in Melbourne
Bag: Thrifted

In other news, my camera broke at a rather wild (drunken) party several weeks ago, so now I have a new camera which I am still playing around with... It's a better version of my old camera so I'm happy! (although it'd be nice to have a fancy-pants camera one day too)

Hope everyone is well in blog-land, it's good to be back.



Helga! said...

Sweet frock!
I have never been to this Wintergarden place!It looks heavenly!I love hothouses,those kind of plants really appeal to me,especially cacti.The buildings are fantastic!
Have a splendid weekend!:)

Lucy-Mae said...

Thank you :)

The wintergarden is beautiful, I recommend a visit if you're ever in Auckland, if only for the beautiful buildings.