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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Super easy delicious Thai noodle bowl

I have to admit that I'm not the greatest cook.. Baking I find easy, but cooking is a whole other ball game, and if I deviate too much from recipes, or try to invent something totally new, well, the results are often barely edible (I once even caught my man trying to discretely put his dinner in the trash).  So when I came across this ten minute Thai noodle bowl recipe over at the Gluttonous Vegan I was very excited. I adore Asian style broths (and soups, and other warm mushy comfort foods heh), and I have often made a similar dish to this involving miso, but this one is much simpler. And even more delicious!

It's also a good recipe with there's not so much in the pantry, I just used whatever vegetables were left in the fridge, in this case it was carrot, broccoli and spring onion, and because this has become my lazy day meal, I added tofu but didn't fry it first, just added it to the broth at the same time as the other vegetables. I like it best with rice noodles (which I also just cooked in the broth), a bit of extra soy sauce, and to garnish, sesame seeds and fresh coriander/cilantro, yum!

In case you missed the earlier link, the full recipe can be found here. (scroll down a bit, the recipe is there!)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


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Helga! said...

Ha,I'm more of a cook than a baker;I just don't have a natural feel for it! Funny.
This recipe looks divine!I adore Thai!!x