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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Celebrating my sisters birthday


Firstly I just want to tell you (as if you haven't figured out already) how AMAZING my older sister Malayka is. She's my sister and one of my best friends. We have always had similar interests and tastes (even when she was living overseas), and a similar temperament too (haha). She has great style and taste, has her own online shop, and is in the process of expanding this into a retail store! I happen to think she is the bees knees, and I'm sure you would too!

I know a lot of my followers are also followers of my sisters blog, so you already know what we got up to for her birthday over the weekend, but I have a gazillion photos and wanted to share some with you!

Firstly on Saturday we went to a fashion exhibition called Fashion at War, which was in the Devonport Navy Museum. It was small but very informative, I recommend you check it out if you're in the area (it runs until Sept 11th). Afterwards, we went up North Head, which is a volcanic headland in Devonport, riddled with old military tunnels. I've actually never been there before, so it was fun to explore! (This is a very picture heavy post by the way)

I got a new haircut.. The big hair was achieved simply by running my fingers through it a few times!

 And of course it wouldn't be a birthday without our traditional flourless chocolate birthday cake.


I hope you all had a splendid weekend, I highly recommend exploring new places as a weekend activity, it's heaps of fun!


P.s. I'm glad you all love leopard print as much as I do!


Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh you! You're so sweet, thank you! That really was a fun day xx

Helga! said...

I'm really quite nosy and don't mind looking a gazillions of pix-in fact,I love it,and think I have a potential career in doing just that!! The exhibition looks fascinating,especially as I am on a bit of a WWII kick at the mo, and for the same reason,so does North Head!There's some similar stuff down our way,or was anyway,before the quakes.
The flourless cake looks heavenly!!! AlMonds!DELISH!

ina said...

Your hair ... LOVE IT!!!!!

The Retro Natural said...

Congrats to your sister on her store expansion! very cool! :) I'd like to have a cute little store one day to sell vintage items out of, once I'm done with the office work. I agree with Ina, your hair looks great!

Lucy-Mae said...

Helga:I'm a nosy pants too haha!

Ina & Autumn: I love my hair too, but I am always a little torn, big wild hair doesn't really go with 40s/50s attire!