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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vintage Textile Fair purchases

As promised, here's what I bought this year at the Vintage Textile Fair!

 This beautiful rayon vintage dress!  Below is a closer picture so you can see the print (it's pink and blue, two colours I can't seem to get enough of lately).

 These amazing 1940's heels

And a pair of green gloves (as you know, I love green, so I couldn't not buy these!).

The coat in the background was purchased at last years Vintage Textile Fair, and is one I wear very often in winter. You can see it better in this post and this one as well.

I'm so excited about my (slowly) growing collection of vintage!

Have you bought anything fabulous lately?



Dashfield Vintage said...

Yay you finally posted your finds! I always get so excited about the VTF, there are so many great treasures that it can get a bit overwhelming!

Miss Meadows said...

Love that dress! You've accessorized it perfectly too! :)

Lucy-Mae said...

Thank you!

VintageBirdGirl said...

I was lucky enough to be in Auckland for the 2010 VTF. Just missed it by a couple of weeks this year on our visit from Australia. I bought a beautiful pink maxi dress & some fabulous Toledo bird jewellery. Hope to go again one day!