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Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello nature!

Last week we had a few super sunny days, the kind where you can almost pretend it really is summer already, so some friends and I decided to take advantage of this and go on a bush walk (two days later my butt and legs still hurt haha). Only one of my good friends is particularly fit (one of those fitness crazy people who decide to make a job out of working out), so we decided to pick an easy track and do a 3 hour return trip. It turns out even the easy tracks have a gazillion steps, hence the sore muscles...

That super muddy part is actually the walking track which we had to walk around!

Ooer big tree!

Behind me is the Okura River

A perfect shaped resting palm

Argh look at those stairs!

Our turning back point was the Dacre Cottage which is a tiny cottage originally built around 1850 (although it was re-built in the early 1980's). We couldn't actually go inside the cottage, as due to vandalism it is now completely locked up. It's right by the beach and surrounded by farm land and bush, it would be amazing to live here (well, maybe in a slightly larger house haha).

More steps (can you spot my friend who likes fitness? hehe)

Made it out in one piece! Without falling in the mud!
 My dress is a 1970's one I've had for ages but have never worn before, the colour kind of puts me off. And please excuse my very unsightly sneakers! They're very old ones from when I played netball in high school, and I'm so glad I decided to wear them since the track turned out to be so muddy and slippery.

Do you have any nice walkways near where you live?  There are quite a lot around the Auckland region, I really think I should check some of the others out too!



Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh the cottage is tiny! Cute though. Ha ha I love how only one of you actually looks dressed to go on a bush walk hike!

ina said...

So different forest from ours here (well, surprise) :) Love your dress!

Helga! said...

Hahhahaa,you fell for the "easy walk"!!! Ow! At least you looked gorgeous! That cottage is adorable!xxx