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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Çhristmas Part 1/3

Merry Christmas!!

I have celebrated Christmas three times this year (and am totally Christmas'd out!), and I have so many pictures I thought it best to split it into separate posts.

Firstly was Christmas eve celebrations at my Mum's. Christmas is traditionally celebrated on Christmas eve in Germany (I am half German), and this tradition has been continued in my family. This means our traditional Christmas involves a big dinner, and then once it gets dark, everybody gathers around the Christmas tree and opens presents.

Although we don't have a traditional Christmas menu, things usually involve using the barbeque! This year we decided to have a Thai themed meal, and then Cherry Trifle for dessert, yum!
It doesn't nearly look as good as it tasted!

Cherry and Chocolate Trifle

After dinner and dessert, it was off to the tree to open some presents, and eat some cookies we had baked a few days earlier.
An assortment of Christmas cookies
I received some amazing gifts, among them being a pair of Don Featherstone pink lawn flamingos and a big hat box to store my beautiful vintage hats in!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas,


P.s. Sorry about the crappy picture quality, I am too tired to bother touching them up!

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Dashfield Vintage said...

LOVE those flamingo's! I am super tired from Christmas too now, have already nodded off a couple of times this avo.