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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lazy Days

Lazy days. The days when you can't be bothered with your appearance, you're tired, and want to hide in bed all day. The days where total ease and comfort rules. I try not to blog about these days (they usually involve my trusty jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers).

Yesterday was one of those days, however I resisted the call of denim, and instead went with an oversized band t-shirt and black skirt, brightened up a little with a colourful belt and a flower in my hair.

What do you do on days like these?



ina said...

Not bad looking for a lazy day! Normally I do the same as you, wrap into something old and boring and don't blog about it :)

islandgirl said...

You look great. I love band/rockabilly tees, jeans and sneakers. So comfortable. It's usually what I wear ;-) But on summer vacations I like to wear cute summer dresses & wedges.