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Monday, 28 March 2011

It's Sunday Somewhere

Ok so I am a little behind schedule for my Sunday post, however I figure it's probably still Sunday somewhere in the world, so technically I'm not really behind.. Right?

I have been feeling completely un-motivated & tired lately, which I am putting down to my sugar and alcohol detox I started last Tuesday (yup that's right, no more booze and no more baking, it's so difficult! I'm aiming for 3 weeks), and it doesn't help that the Autumn is finally starting to show, the weather has been all over the place, from really humid and muggy to cold, wet and windy. Which leads to the point I was going to make, - When it rains all weekend, all I want to do is stay inside and bake!

Instead I found this great vegan food blog called Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes, which I just had to share with you all! I've only made one thing so far, but pretty much everything looks amazing and I can't wait to try out more recipes (especially the sweet stuff haha!), as an added bonus, it's not one of those vegan blogs that uses a lot of weird ingredients, so it's great for non-vegans too!

Below are a few pictures of especially delicious looking recipes which I can't wait to try!
Pasta with Chipotle Cashew Cream

Fennel crusted Potatoes
Besan Chilla (eggless omelet)

Coconut Muffins with Orange Glaze

Mmm!  This is making me want to go to the kitchen and get cooking (but instead I have assignments to do and classes to go to, boo).

Do you have any favourite cooking blogs? I'd love to hear about them!


Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow those do sound (and look) really good! Especially for vegan food... just kidding Ash.
Yum. I like your title by the way.

VildesVerden said...

That omelet and the potatoes looks really nice. I am vegetarian, think I would find it too hard to totally vegan.
Happy monday wishes from Norway

CurlyChronicles said...

*drool* that food looks amazing! I need more time to cook..and perhaps an oven for some of these..I wanted to try and eat more raw and forwent an oven lol

Detoxing can be a bit crazy but you'll end up feeling good once you get through this little stint..it's Monday here now but Happy Sunday! :D

I always come back to this site but unfortunately, I haven't made a thing from here yet!

this mac n cheese rocks though!
I didn't use peas, onion or chilli powder but it was still amazing..the yeast is what really helps it get the best flavor but heating it up on the stove with the noodle of your choice is a must! :)