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Monday, 7 March 2011

A peek at my latest sewing project

Here's a quick peek at my most recent sewing project... Very blurry pictures, I will take some proper ones for you soon!

And I had a little play around with the above picture.. But that's how I wore my hair, it turned out so well!
The giant hair bow was inspired by both Esme and the Lane way and the lovely Curly Chronicles .. And when my grandfather saw me he asked if I was dressed like the Easter bunny.. I don't quite get it, but I don't mind, Easter bunny = endless stash of chocolate!



ina said...

It looks promising through the blur! I wish I would get started with my sewing, I need to pracitse...

CurlyChronicles said...

oh super cute! There's just something about the big red bow that's just uber darling! :D I <3 the dress too, I can't seem to find a moment to sit down with the sewing machine, I always think, If I did, I'd probably make something really nice. But I gotta sit down with it first!