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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cake baked in jam jars?!

Scarletta Bakes just posted this delicious sounding chocolate chilli cake recipe, which she baked in glass jars. You have no idea how much this idea excites me, it's so perfect! All you need to do is put the lid on, and you instantly have cake that will travel easily. I imagine taking these cakes on picnics, road trips and to work/school for afternoon tea!  I imagine this would work well with any cake/cupcake recipe, as long as the baking time is changed (Scarletta advises that the cake will continue to cook in the jar after it's come out of the oven, so it needs to be taken out a little earlier).

The below image is from Scarletta's website, do go and check out this recipe and read about baking in jars!

Do you think this idea is as great as I do?  I want to go and buy some jars right now and take these cake jars on a roadtrip (sadly my bank account won't allow me to buy or do much of anything right now ugh).



Dashfield Vintage said...

How awesome!! It would be really great for picnics. My only thing with this is that you would have to eat all the icing off the top before you can start on the actual cake. You almost need a layer of icing half way in between!

ina said...

OMG! That looks so great, I wanna try that! Just need some jars...

Lucy-Mae said...

Malayka: You could maybe try cutting out the middle and filling it with icing like you would to make a butterfly cupcake, that way there would be some icing further down too.


Helga! said...

O,My GAWD!!! Just mention chile and I'm there,and I don't even usually go for cake!!! This looks amazing! I'm not a natural at baking,but I am SO going to try this!!!
Yeah, Malayka's right, it'll need another layer of icing!!! The butterfly idea is pretty good!!!

The Retro Natural said...

That's a wonderful idea! I'm game ..but I feel ya, I uh can't do any shopping for extra things at the moment either! Stuff like this makes me want to get a Pinterest account lol

Lucy-Mae said...

I'd love to see pictures if any of you make this! xx