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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kitten love!

Dear Neighbour,
Can I have your kitten? Pleeeeeease?!

This cute as a button grey and white kitten sneaks under the fence to come visit me (and the sunny patch under the washing line!) every now and then.

It's a smoochy kitty..

But also loves to explore..
(Excuse my messy kitchen! The old towel is usually wedged under to door to stop the wind coming in.. And I cropped out all the dishes on the bench haha)

I wish I could keep this cutie, but after a while of hanging out, the kitten decides it's time to go home, so out the door it goes..

And back under the fence towards home!

Do you have any pets? I really want a cat or a dog, but sadly we're renting and not allowed to have any pets here.


P.s. Just so you know I don't feed the kitty/actually try to steal it! (I just really want to hehe)


Dashfield Vintage said...

You're right it is a very cute little kitty!

Miss Meadows said...

I have a cat that decided to move from my neighbors (where she didn't have a good life) into the house where I live last summer. The neighbors decided she'd get a much better life with me, so she got to stay! That's a thing I love about cats - sometimes they just decide to move in somewhere. And where a cat wants to live, the cat should live! :)

Kate said...

What a cutie!

I have a cat but she is getting rather old. She just sleeps most of the time and has bad legs so she doesn't walk much. I still love her dearly though and she is great for cuddling!

The Retro Natural said...

Awwww, so adorable!! I simply love cats! They're so independent! I don't have any pets, we can get one but it's another mouth to feed lol. Perhaps one day in the future though :)

Ester said...

It looks very much like my cat Hilda! :-)