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Monday, 31 January 2011

Out with the old, in with the older!

I am very excited to introduce you to my new sewing machine!  It is a 1950's (or so I believe) Brother machine which is built in to a table.

It folds up into a nice small table which is so handy!  I think I will name her Ethel, what do you think?
Ethel is in pretty good shape, however I believe her bobbin case is broken, so tomorrow it's off to the sewing shop to ask the lovely ladies there. Once she is up and running, I will probably be selling my current machine...

My current sewing machine is an industrial Singer (the motor is dated from the 1980's), which although I love to pieces, is a bit frustrating as it only sews a straight stitch, and without an overlocker, this means nothing is ever properly finished (unless things are French seamed, which gets pretty tedious). I sure will miss the speed though, domestic machines are painfully slow after you've been using an industrial machine! (we don't really have the space to keep both).

What kind of sewing machine do you use?



Red Elephant Creative said...

I just had to share with you my sewing machine...I am guessing its 1950s, it has Lomair written on it and she's fabulous....much better than my ol' mr shiny who just jammed and coughed and complained the whole time I used him! There a picky in my latest blog.
Enjoy your ol' baby...whilst they have their restrictions...they also have their character, charm and durability!! Love your blog x

Karen said...

Hi Saba! I've just got the same Brother machine today and was wondering if you have the manual or you happen to know if I can get an online copy somewhere?
Many thanks, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Saba,
I have exactly the same model - really charming. Do you know where I can find a manual for it online?
Thanks for your help and good luck with your creations.


Hannah said...

Did you sell your singer?