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Friday, 14 January 2011

Summer road trip!

(Ok so this isn't our caravan, but it was so cute I had to show you!)

As you know, I have just been away on holiday.. My man and i packed up the car, and drove from Auckland to Rotorua for a few nights in his parent's caravan, then off to Palmerston North, Wellington and Napier to visit friends and family!  Here are just a few of the many many photos I took.

His & Hers suitcases
Inside the caravan.. The bed is always made up like this, it looks like it belongs in a 70's porn film!

 We did a lot of touristy activities in Rotorua such as going on the luge

Boo, squashed hair!

Checked out the local dinosaurs...
Was almost eaten by one

Relaxed (ok got completely lost) in a 3d maze
Went on a small walk to a waterfall..

Woohoo! Made it through in one piece.

As you can see, I can be quite a goof ball!

I will continue with my pictorial review later... I also picked up a bunch of vintage & second-hand goodies, which I will photograph and post about later in the week.



Rosina Lee said...

Oh I love a good road trip! Have fun!P.s I have awarded you a blog award over at Miss Rosina Lee


Dashfield Vintage said...

Looks like you had an awesome time.