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Monday, 24 January 2011

Thrifted Goodies from my trip

I have finally gotten around to photographing my finds from my holiday...

Sorry these dresses haven't been ironed yet! I originally thought the above dress was vintage, but on closer inspection it might be a very good 80's dress.

This beautiful vintage dress, complete with matching bolero (again sorry about the lack of ironing,these are being washed tomorrow and I'm lazy when it comes to ironing!).

The photograph above is a tiny picture I found inside the black bag... The lady is probably the original owner, how cool is that?!!
Vintage hairdryer

Some sweaters, as well as the high waisted denim short shorts.

I also bought a pair of cute as a button tea towels.. Not thrifted, but I had to share a picture with you!  They have cartoon Pukekos on them, which I happen to think are pretty cool, - they're such quirky and cheeky birds!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,



CurlyChronicles said...

What great finds! Oh I love that hair dryer! Just this morning, I inquired about a vintage teal blue one on etsy..I definitely need one to help with drying time!

I'm dying to know how you roll your bang, it looks so perfect!

Lucy-Mae said...

Thanks! I have never actually owned a hair dryer, because the modern ones wreak havoc on my curly hair.. I am determined to give this one a go at some stage tho!

To roll my bang I used a hair rat (if you can get over how gross it is, it's totally worth it.. Otherwise you can buy foam ones), sectioned & combed my hair, then carefully rolled my wet hair around the rat & pin in place! (this would work much better if your hair is dry, but because I am without a straightening iron or curlers, wet hair was the only way to go for me).

Hope that helps,

CurlyChronicles said...

I've been looking at hair rats.. hey they're retro right? lol I'm all for owning one (or 3) if it gives me the look I want. Plus, I don't mind mind rodents much :)

Next on my list is sewing, I have to try again because I didn't get it right the first time! But I'm getting some inspiration from ya!

Lucy-Mae said...

Hair rats used to be made from hair collected off the hair brush and then rolled up... Pretty gross but cheap and easy if you can bring yourself to do it!

I've also seen tutorials online on how to make your own hair rat with things like old stockings and cotton wool, so you could look into that too!