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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Who is Lucy-Mae?

Some of you may have had your suspicions, but it's time to come clean and tell you my real name! 

I actually wrote this post back in July (after several large glasses of wine, so apologies about sounding like a total weirdo, but I am one, but let's leave that confession for another day haha). It's been sitting here un-posted ever since, and it's about time you all got to read it!  (the only thing I've changed is the addition of a few photos).

Hello Readers!

I have a confession to make... My name isn't Lucy-Mae. Not even close! If you're a follower of my sisters blog, you may have already picked up on this, as she has used my real (!) name a few times when posting pictures of me or linking to this blog.

So I thought it was time I came clean and told you a little about Miss Lucy-Mae, and a little about myself too!

Lucy-Mae is my vintage wearing, perfectly 1950's housewife-esque alter-ego. Miss Lucy sews herself new clothes regularly, has a sparkling clean home all the time, loves to cook, always has fresh baking ready for when unexpected guests drop by, and of course is always a lady (although she is still just as slack as the real me when it comes to blogging).

On a day to day basis however, I am Saba, a business student (ok so I've actually just finished studying, but until I get my results, graduate or get a job, I will continue to call myself a student!), who wears jeans on a fairly regular basis. I do love to bake, however I don't bake as much as I'd like too, mostly because baking regularly can get pretty expensive, and also my man and I would both gain quite a lot of weight if we ate that much baking hehe!  I love making myself new clothes, but I dislike actual sewing, so I have a LOT of half finished garments. And a closet full of fabric waiting to be sewn up. And two sewing machiens which take up considerable space. I actually studied sewing/pattern making, and worked in the fashion industry for a few years, but none of my jobs involved physically sewing or making patterns, and as a result my skills are now pretty rusty in both areas!

Here;s a picture of me in my usual jeans, waiting for the train (no not really, just doing some yoga.. The trains don't run on Sundays.. Ok ok, really I'm just posing for the camera as usual!) *I found this hillarious when I wrote it, looking back it's a bit lame haha!*

As for being a lady... Well, I do try. But I have a fairly filthy sense of humour. And a wee bit of a potty mouth. But I like to believe that people who don't know me very well think of me as lady like. Those that do know otherwise!

So there you have it! If there's anything else you'd like to know about Saba (or Lucy heh) feel free to ask away.


P.s. I hope I don't sound too crazy talking about Lucy-Mae in 3rd person. I may have had a few glasses of wine before writing this post!

*Since I wrote this post I actually wear pretty dresses much more often! It just required that little bit of extra effort in winter.. My next post I will post pictures of me being my usual special self.. A side you don't really get to see so much on this blog!  Also I had my graduation last week eep! I am excited about a few things I am doing work-wise, and will share them with you next week some time! Oh and also you can of course feel free to refer to me as either Lucy-Mae or Saba, I don't mind.*


The Retro Natural said...

I love this post! I like knowing more about the folks I follow, keeps them human :) I've been a bad blogger lately, just haven't had a moment to really sit down and crop and edit and post lately. I like a filthy sense of humor and a potty mouth..keeps it fresh. Something tells me we could get into a bit of trouble if we ever hung out! I feel like my Retro Natural is the spitfire, sassy present version of myself and my youtube persona, Curly Chronicles the mellow natural haired older version of myself.. it's quite interesting to see how we change over the years.

ina said...

Love the post, have to agree with Retro Natural - it's nice to know more about the bloggers I follow and keep them human ;).
And I love your name (Saba, I mean, actually I love Lucy-Mae, too) :) I have spotted it sometime from your sister's blog, but didn't think about it before... It's great!

Helga! said...

Hahahahhaa!! My real name isn't Helga!! It's quite useful to have an alter-ego,isn't it?! I had noticed Malayka using Saba....I also often post under the influence.....I love finding out these little personal things,as I am quite nosy, and am thrilled that you are also a potty mouth!! Fab post,really, and I'm quite amused!!! Lame?! NO WAY! XXX

Lucy-Mae said...

Autumn: Thank you & I agree, I think if we hung out it'd be a bundle of fun!

Ina: Thank you! I'm quite fond of my real name too, but it's fun to have alter-egos also hehe.

Helga: It's lots of fun, and I'm a nosey pants too haha!