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Friday, 4 February 2011

Baking, baking and more baking!


I've been on a bit of a baking frenzy in the last few days, and now I am thoroughly sick of sweet stuff (which is pretty unusual for me).

The above cake is a vegan avocado chocolate cake, with avocado icing... sounds kind of gross right? Well, this is actually the best vegan chocolate cake i have EVER made. Fluffy yet dense. Great crumb. Moist. My only complaint is that it needed more chocolate, I think next time I will add some chocolate essence (has anybody ever used chocolate essence before?).  Now, lets not forget about the icing!  This was amaaazing, so delicious, the ingredients include avocado, lemon juice and icing sugar. It doesn't taste one bit like avocado, instead it is like a really light, fresh tasting delicious lemon butter cream.  Definitely my new favourite, I want to do more baking just so I have an excuse to eat more of this icing!!
The recipe can be found here.

Next I made another plum cake, but a right side up one heh. It wasn't bad, but still not totally happy with the recipe.

Thenn I made a nectarine tarte tatin. The nectarines were caremalized to perfection, but unfortunately I had some trouble with the pastry, which did not want to be rolled out at all, and just totally fell apart, but it still tasted great!

The recipe was from a Cuisine magazine, and I just subbed the apples with nectarines (unfortunately the recipe I used isn't on their website).

Then finally on to something savoury!  These are just basic cheese scones, nothing fancy!  The recipe can be found here (since I am vegetarian, I omitted the ham).

Tomorrow I will be making rosemary and olive bread. I was actually supposed to make it today but I went to see some local bands play last night and had a few too many drinks, which lead to feeing less than great today, and also really unmotivated. Blah!  But I will make sure I get off my lazy butt tomorrow and bake some bread!



Dashfield Vintage said...

Yup you are the baking queen! And we are all very happy about that:)

ina said...

That avocado cake just sound so yummy I might have to try it!