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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More food stuff!

Well, I did bake some bread on Saturday, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite how I envisioned (due to mis-reading the recipe)... I was going to be all sneaky and make another loaf and act like it came out perfectly the first time heh, but I just haven't gotten around to it!

Instead, here are some pretty pictures of what I've been eating for lunch the past few days!
Haloumi on bruschetta, from a cafe near my house.

Vege burger and fries, from my trip to Waiheke Island (more pics to follow!)

Potatoes fried in butter, garlic and rosemary on salad, this was made by me!

It's been really hot and humid here the past week or so, which I absolutely love, except for the frizzy hair the humidity brings... So the other night I decided to work with it, and brush my hair out.. The result was this (this picture was taken at the end of the night so it's not as big as it was, and I'm nice and shiny haha!)
(Really must find a better place to take pictures)
Here's a video of the band I went to see (my favourite local rockabilly/psychobilly band)


Dashfield Vintage said...

That is some big hair! Yum all that food looks SO good... I can almost taste it again.

CurlyChronicles said...

Oh my, I'd totally have to invite myself over to dinner lol your food looks sooo good!

Love the big hair! I tend to wear mine pinned up mostly but when it's out, I adore it!

I liked that song, made me wanna dance! I've been into Jessie & the Orbits, check em out live!

Lucy-Mae said...

Thanks for the link :)