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Thursday, 17 February 2011

What skirt length suits you best?

Whilst trawling the internet the other day, I found this great post about skirt lengths.  This mathematical approach takes into account your upper and lower leg measurements to determine what the most flattering length for you is! Now if everyone was perfect, the lower leg and upper leg measurements would be the same, but since we're all different... Some people have longer lower legs (apparently most supermodels have this), some people have shorter lower legs, and some peoples measurements are the same.

As soon as I read this, I ran to get my measuring tape to see what my 'ideal' skirt length is...  Click here for measuring instructions.  In my case, my lower leg is 3.5 inches shorter than my upper leg (there go my supermodel fantasies haha!). This means that my ideal skirt length is 1.75 inches above my knees...

Well I admit I didn't rush off to hem all my skirts to 1.75 inches above my knees, this did however get me thinking that maybe this is the reason I feel dowdy in longer skirts/dresses (unless I'm wearing heels which are nice and high).

What are your measurements like?  Do you think this is an accurate way to determine your skirt length?



Dashfield Vintage said...

Hmmm somehow you're right. The shortest number does suit you best.

ina said...

Wow, that was really interesting, I must check out mine immidietaly! With your legs I would say any skirt length suits you, but I guess mathematically some has to suit you even better :)