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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bad luck days

You know the ones... where everything that could possibly go wrong does. These days happen to me every so often, and Monday happened to be one of them. Sorry about all the text, if you're not interested in reading about my day, you can skip to the outfit pictures at the end of the post!

It's Monday morning, I have a job interview at 8am, and although I got up at 6am, I am running late. It's not too much of a problem, since I planned to get there early, and now I will just be on time. Plus, I've decided to get the train instead of the bus, since the train can't get caught in traffic.

 The train station is 10mins walk from my house, and as I get close, I see a train waiting. I panic and run the last 50m, only to realise the train is at the other platform. Phew. I sit down, and wait a minute or so. Then I realise I am sitting at the wrong platform, and the train across from me is MY train. This leads to more frantic running. I get to the train, and the doors are closed. At this stage I am thinking I'm not going to make it to the damn interview. But then, magically, the train doors open and they let me on! How lucky, this NEVER happens! But wait, the doors have open again, and people in the other carriages are all getting out.. What is going on?

It turns out the train has broken down, and after doing some eavesdropping, I find out it has been sitting at the this station for the past 30mins.. Shit. It's way too late to get the bus now, and I can't afford to get a taxi. Lucky for me, the next train arrives after only a 5min wait. I'm only going to be 10mins late for my interview, which isn't too bad, considering. I try to call to let the interviewers know I am running late, but the call is diverted to an automatic answering service, which tells me I am calling outside normal working hours, and to call back in half an hour.

I get off the train at my stop, and start running (whilst cursing my decision to wear heels). I have to cross the railway tracks at a pedestrian crossing to get to my interview, and when I get there, the barrier goes down, and a train arrives. And stops. Right on the damn crossing. So I wait. and wait. After 5mins I can't take it any more, and I decide to walk the long way around. Just as I get around, the barrier goes up. My poor feet are not happy.

I manage to be only 15mins late to the interview, which is amazing considering the circumstances, however it's a group interview, and the receptionist isn't sure I will be allowed in now. I am, and I decided my luck is changing. The interview goes well, until the very end. We are reminded to take our name tags off before we leave, and I tuned out for a second while I am putting my coat on, and one of the interviewers makes a joke about how if I leave my name tag on, somebody might come up to me on the street and say "Hi, how are you?!" Hearing my name, I looked up, smile and say a big cheerful "good!" The I realise she isn't actually asking me how I am. Crap. Then to top things off, my name tag falls off and lands under the table, and I have to get down on my hands and knees and almost crawl to reach it, for which I get a very odd look. 

This all happened before 9am..  After the interview, there were a few more unfortunate events involving cash machines and public transport, but I think I've already written far too much!

Then it was off to my sisters to do a photo shoot for her coming-soon online vintage store, which actually went pretty well. Maybe I'd used up all my bad luck in the morning heh!  I will share some of those pictures with you soon (hopefully in the next post).

Below are a few photos of what I wore on my unfortunate interview day (from which I will be very surprised if I get a call back!), the skirt is newly thrifted, I am in love with the colour! The photos were taken by my sister, in my Mother's pottery studio



Dashfield Vintage said...

You poor thing! But at least you looked great... and in the end that's what really counts ;)

ina said...

Your such a beauty and the pottery studio works so perfectly well as background! But oh mine, what a morning (the thing with the train on the crossing - how come always when you finally decide to go another way the situation is over. Hopefully everything turns out well after all, perhaps the interviewers will remember you better than the other candidates and that that will work in your favour after all :)

The Retro Natural said...

ohhh I hate those days! I used to take the train and I've always been scared I'd be on the wrong side..they need better signage!

Well you look great despite your "fun experiences" of the day. Those shoes are beyond gorgeous and how cool of your mom to have a pottery shop, I've always wanted to make some ceramic vases and pot, my sis took a class and I was always interested in the process.

Lucy-Mae said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Ina:I didn't get the job, but at least I got a good story out of it :)

Retro Natural: Surprisingly I haven't really done any pottery myself! I keep meaning to get lessons from my mum, but it never eventuates. It is an amazing process though!