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Monday, 18 April 2011

Scones and a new sewing project!

The other day I made some rather tasty cheese and chive scones. They weren't dry like scones often tend to be, in fact, I think they were the best scones I have ever made!!   I used the basic Edmonds recipe, with the cheese option (listed further down the page, after the basic recipe), and then instead of adding ham, I added 1 bunch of chives, and a teaspoon of smoked paprika. Oh and I actually added a little extra cheese and butter (got to counter-act my mostly vegan diet haha), and then some parmesan cheese on the top. The smoked paprika gave the scones a full, deep flavour, not un-similar to bacon (although I am not a bacon fan, it was sooo good). I totally recommend making these!

Now, my scones were actually a bit of a bribe for my friend, who drafted the collar pattern for me, as mentioned in my last post.  She was also kind enough to let me trace a pattern she made herself, which will be made out of the red fabric below.. Think sweetheart neckline with a tie-top, and a pencil skirt.. I can't wait to make it, and show you the results!

It's lucky I didn't do any sewing or baking today, because it seems like I've had one of those bad-luck days where everything that could go wrong, does! I will share that story, along with an outfit post, tomorrow!



Dashfield Vintage said...

Yum! How come I wasn't invited?! My scones from the Edmond cookbook never turn out:(

Lucy-Mae said...

Sorry! I actually invited myself over to her house, so couldn't really invite you as well haha.