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Sunday, 24 April 2011

What do you do for Easter?

According to my boyfriend, Easter is kind of  big deal in my family... I had no idea!  We're not religious, but we do have Easter traditions (which I assume are German based). I always thought everyone here in New Zealand had their own family traditions for Easter, but after asking some friends, it seems I was wrong; they don't even visit family during Easter weekend (although they did get a few chocolates when they were younger). So I am wondering... Do you have any Easter traditions?

For us, we have a breakfast on Easter Sunday at my Mum's, traditional things include hard-boiled eggs, which have been painted with crayons and food colouring (each person selects an egg, and then the tops are hit against each other.. you can only eat your egg if the shell has been broken on both ends).

Hot cross buns (we always buy them, but I did some experimenting with recipes recently, and I think next year I will bake my own), as well as pretzels and regular buns from our local German bakery (and this year some gluten free bagels).

We also of course have some Easter eggs and chocolates! When we were younger, these would be hidden in the living room, along with a gift for each child. I always loved hunting for Easter eggs!

(I just had to show you these flowers, they are so pretty, and have the most amazing smell)

This Easter, I wore what felt like a very autumn appropriate outfit!
To highlight the waist, I turned my cardigan into a wrap-front top, securing it with this great ceramic brooch which my Mum made!

How do you spend your Easter?



islandgirl said...

Happy Easter! When I was younger we used to go to church and they would have an Easter egg hunt for the kids and then a bag of candies. Then after church my family would go out to eat in a nice restaurant. I'm a mom of a 6 year old boy now. We don't go to church but we color and decorate some eggs with friends and family the day before, and on Easter the kids wake up to find the eggs and an Easter basket full of candy. Then we go out to eat. It's nice for the kids to have some kind of tradition.
By the way, love your outfit! I would never have thought of turning a cardigan into a wrap-front top with a brooch. Good idea!

The Retro Natural said...

We don't have any traditions at all..some of my family is religious so they probably attend church but most of us aren't very religious. I think the most my family has done is have a potluck and hang out..this Easter, I'm just relaxing..I do plan to eat some chocolate - any reason to eat chocolate is a good one in my opinion!

Kate said...

Happy Easter! My family doesn't have many Easter traditions. Normally I get some chocolate and we have a fancy Easter dinner. I still use it as an excuse to dress up :D

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow it's so interesting to hear what other people do! I must say I love our Easter and I definitely plan on doing the same for my kids (although I might go a little more crazy on decorating the house for Easter... because that's just how I am)!

ina said...

Your Easter looks like lot of fun. My family usually gathers for Easter dinner, we fix the house with some Easter decorations (mostly such we did as kids) and the kids (in my case my nieces and nephews) dress up as witches or bunnies or something else that has to do with Nordic Eastern and go out to get candies from the neighbours (a little like Halloween trick or treat except for that here's no trick, the kids give the people Easter cards or something they've done instead). Fun is that the Finnish-speaking go on Sunday before Easter and Swedish-speaking on Easter Saturday so on bilingual areas someone might always forget which day you should be prepared with candies :)

ina said...

PS I just gave you a blog award :)